Product lines

Koval Consulting strives to provide the best solutions using quality product lines. In order to provide the best services and support Koval Consulting has limited its product line to those products that best supplement Koval Consulting’s range of solutions.


Ecessa provides an Internet aggregation / redundancy product. This product line is used to combine dissimilar Internet links into a large redundant Internet connection. By combining dissimilar Internet links Ecessa allows customers to purchase cheaper cable or DSL Internet circuits to provide seamless fail-over and increased bandwidth to the users. Ecessa provides a supported product line with an implementation service from the manufacture.

LeftHand Networks:

LeftHand Networks iSCSI SAN products have been purchased by HP. LeftHand Networks manufactures an iSCSI SAN (Storage Area Network). Many features put LeftHand Networks SAN above the competition. The LeftHand Networks storage products are an integrated part of SAN storage, server virtualization and Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity solutions. With LeftHand Network iSCSI SAN products Koval Consulting can provide customers with an easily expandable SAN environment, OS independent environment, network level redundancy, and snapshots to fit most of Koval Consulting’s solutions.


Koval Consulting provides a high level of support and products from Novell. Novell was the largest network and application provider for over a decade. The Novell market is a shrinking or specialized market that maintains a large install base. Many consulting firms have stopped supporting the Novell product line, opening a large opportunity for Koval Consulting. Koval Consulting is continuously reviewing this market and will maintain a presence until this product line becomes unprofitable.


HP has recently purchased the LeftHand Network’s iSCSI SAN product line and will be integrating the LeftHand Network products into HP’s product line. HP’s product line is extensive and touches all aspects of the IT world. With the addition of the LeftHand Networks iSCSI SAN products, server models and workstations, Koval Consulting expects these products to be a vital component of our solutions and product sales.