Services Groups:

Koval Consulting has defined the following service categories to provide clients a solution grouping, while Koval Consulting provides the experience, knowledge and capability to integrate the parts of these groupings in order to provide the best solutions for the customer. The best solutions may cross the services groupings. A good example is a Disaster Recovery solution which may include server virtualization, a compatible storage solution and LAN / Wan modifications.


Identity Management:

Koval Consulting has been active in the Identity Management market since 2000 and has designed and implemented Identity management solutions for many clients

In today's complex IT environments, the users are faced with multiple user IDs and passwords. Identity Management is used to manage the customer's user IDs and passwords across many different systems and provide a secure user ID and password synchronization. Koval Consulting has implemented Identity Management solutions integrating Novell's eDirectory, Microsoft's Active Directory, Sun's NIS and PeopleSoft software. This type of solution has provided a cost savings to the clients in user and password management.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity:

Koval Consulting's staff has world wide recognized certifications in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Koval Consulting has implemented these plans for nationwide companies and provided a profitable solution for a client. Koval Consulting has brought the latest technology updates to the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity market for the customer base by using virtualization and iSCSI SAN to develop flexible, cost efficient Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity has always been based on the shorter the recovery times the higher the costs to implement and maintain. With Koval Consulting solutions the cost and the time have been reduced to an affordable price.


Koval Consulting's virtualization solutions are grounded in sound business practices. Many implementations of virtualization use many tools to maximize the consolidation of the physical servers into a virtual server environment. Koval Consulting focus more on the development of an adaptive and expandable environment. To spend customer time and expense to define a solution that will only handle the customer's virtual servers at the current user, application, and usage levels is not allowing for the fluidness of IT. Koval Consulting's solutions are based on listening to the customer and defining a solution that will handle the changes in the environment.

Storage Based Solutions:

Koval Consulting has focused on the HP / LeftHand iSCSI SAN product line to provide customers with an external disk system that can be integrated into virtualization and Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity solutions. Using the Storage Based solutions, Koval Consulting has provided customers with centralized backup and tapeless backup solutions by using the feature set provided by the HP / LeftHand iSCSI SAN products.

LAN / WAN / Wireless Networking:

As applications, Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity and Virtualization are implemented the need to enhance the network environment is typically necessary for business and government entities. Koval Consulting staff has been in the LAN, WAN and wireless environment for decades, providing implementation and security while utilizing the latest technologies.

Network Applications:

Koval Consulting provides many network based application solutions for its client base. Upgrades and implementation of applications such as email, user file access, printing, network / PC management and other day to day applications that provide the base for customers are the core of the Network Application solutions. Koval Consulting has provided application solutions for many of its clients.

Customer Support:

Koval Consulting has always valued its role in the customer support environment. Our customer base is not limited by time or distance restraints. Since we know our customers may require support at any time we want to provide support on a 24/7 level and want to be the first point of contact for any issues. Koval Consulting is the trusted resource for our customers and to insure the customers satisfaction, we provide a 24/7 phone level of support and will advocate for the customer with the product vendor.